An Initial FPL prices view – West Ham Assets

10/07/2019 Planet FPL

After seeing the initial values here are my views on West Ham FPL assets, I think overall the prices were quite kind but without being too generous to our attacking assets. Obviously transfers, preseason and formation changes could all happen between now and August. A number of players are highlighted safe picks, these are in the sense I think they will play regularly, have minimal to no rotation as well as I think score the same or better than the previous year in FPL, plus a brief description of my reasons/assessment and if I think they are poor of good value in FPL terms.

Will start most weeks

Fabianski GKP 5.0 – Good Value – at the of price reveal mt thought at 5.0 was a no and move on, now all prices released value is still decent, 143 points, with only 7CS, despite letting in 13 less goals in 18/19 and had less CS – we had 10 previous year – so there is a fair chance of higher returns . Won Hammer (player) of the year last too.

Rice MID 5.0 – Low to no FPL Value, important to the team and club, but not an FPL asset, especially with a price rise and now a MID in FPL, his game has evolved and may develop further to provide assists and odd goal but not enough yet for FPL.

Diop DEF 4.5 – Fair to good Value, could become better value but needs the CS more than the GK, did show some attacking intent and effective with the ball, still young and should improve after 1st season, has been linked to a supposed offer of £65m from Man Utd.

Anderson MID – 7.0 Good Value – Think there is a lot of negative sentiment on him on twitter in fpl sense as a bit of troll ,a bit illogical based on his points last year of 155 9gls and 4 assists in his first season is decent, adjusted to the physicality of PL well, good chance of further improvement in FPL points. I will cover Anderson in more detail in a future article on observations last season watching him but he is a confidence player.

Likely 1st choice

Balbuena DEF 4.5 – Good Value, pre injury was a goal threat at set pieces, but not so much at the end of the season, should be partnered with Diop, might miss a game or more at start of season due to playing in the Copa America with Paraguay.

Fredericks DEF 4.5 – Fair Value, as Suj said on the Podcast (#30in30 Episode 4) he was ‘crapid’ great pace but lacked positional awareness defending but that has improved, probably starts most games unless injured or form bad, 1st goal near end of season and does like to bomb forward.

Fornals MID 6.5 – Fair Value. A very good player but unproven in PL, not a prolific scorer or assister previously but at a low scoring team (Villarreal), good passer that might suit BPS scoring but depends where he plays in the team, could be partnered with Rice with licence to get forward and link play or he could play in the no 10 roll if Lanzini plays or even on the right. He had a good under 21 tournament with Spain scoring 2 assisting 1, so that may influence some, see how he fits in preseason and the first few games.

Antonio MID 7.0 – Poor Value. I expect the end of season had a an influence on pricing when he was a beast, played up front in parts of the games and is an outsider to do so again, in some games it could happen, a lot depends on formation, would expect a start but going to be under threat to be rotated and of minor injuries, again preseason and future signings may influence what happens but think at 7.0 even in same team there are better options right now FPL wise. I like him as a player and does offer a threat and important goals or assists but needed to be at least .5 lower to be a worthy option.

Lanzini MID 6.5 – Fair value, out a lot of last season, is now 25 and needs a good season and to stay injury free, could have free kicks and some corners, plenty of promise but previously minutes been the issue limiting his points.

Arnautovic FWD 7.0 – Fair Value – Stories now broken on him wanting to leave, and the club willing to accept the bid from China was expecting it sometime but not preseason and so soon after the last episode , hopefully he’s sold which is what I have said for a while , one to avoid to start if he’s still at the club, fans won’t be so forgiving 2nd time round, depending on the replacement Rondon of WBA ( on loan last year at Newcastle) is one of the names mentioned but was with Arnie being there in mind rather than a direct replacement so expect another.

Back ups and squad challengers

Masuaku/ Cresswell DEF 4.5 Fair to poor Value. Masuaka has been away at AFCON so might not be ready to start GW1, Creswell should be fit, neither one is nailed and offer something different, don’t see a new signing in the position though.

Noble MID 5.0 Fair Value. If he’s on the pitch should be on pens but a word of caution with Noble is that he may not remain first choice, if we are doing badly and he’s not playing expect him to come back in, a lot will depend on Fornals and how the Hammers set up early on but could see reduced minutes, but his demise has been forecast before, one important factor is his influence and status in the dressing room and team as Captain and leader.

Wilshire MID 5.0 Poof Value. Not convinced on him, is always an injury away from being out the side again, offers little to none FPL value.

Snodgrass MID 5.5 Poor Value. Just renewed his contract, could have been sold, more of a squad player, so if an injury or players are not ready come GW1 he can play wide or in the centre, but poor value whilst not starting, if starting takes most corners and some free kicks

Ogbonna DEF 4.5 Fair Value Got more minutes last year, did ok, would expect Balbuena and Diop as the 1st choice CB’s , could compete with Winston Reid as backup

Reid DEF 4.0 Is ‘fit’ after missing last year, was 1st choice pre Pellegrini, he could still be sold, but has 3yrs left on the contract so if he does not go there is a chance he gets game time and if back to his best could work his way back, something to watch into the season unless specific news by August but may be viable bench fodder if needing a 4.0 DEF

Zabaleta DEF 4.5 Poor to fair Value. Signed a 1 year contract, don’t expect him to play much but If Fredericks is out anytime he could play, not an FPL consideration at all given age and lack of attacking returns

Carlos Sanchez MID 4.5 Poor Value. can only see subs minutes or if Rice was injured, might get sold as is a fairly high earner, not an FPL option either way

X2 GKPS NO LISTED IN FPL – experienced at 33, are really only cover for Fabianski injury and not long-term replacements

Breakout options & Potential surprises

Ben Johnson DEF 4.0 – played a game at LB v Man city so must be well regarded, he is a RB though so not expected to be in the 1st team but the fact can cover both FB’s might be a good 4.0 bench fodder option if Reid not an option

Nathan Holland NOT LISTED IN FPL MID Has been on the fringes a while but had a couple of injuries which held him back, was ahead of Diangana in terms of status in the club, a quick and skilful winger so see if makes an impression in pre season.

Xavia Silva FWD 4.5 – one to see in preseason played in FA Cup last year and in the squad a few times, scored many goals in the u23s and was a purchase around a year ago. He is decent, was not afraid of the physical element and could get some more chances but not expected to be a regular, if Arnie sold and the club don’t get their targets who knows.

Probably Sold or loaned

Obiang MID 4.5 – wants to return to Italy, expected to be sold, a squad player only

Reid DEF 4.0 TBC – mentioned already

Reece Oxford NOT LISTED IN FPL Had a transfer fall through to Augsburg in Bundesliga recently, has travelled with squad for preseason, not sure if he will be retained as had chances before

Diangana MID 4.5 Did really well when he came in for Yarmolenko last season, once dropped and got back in the side did not look as confident or accomplished as before, could well be given experience out on loan, again one to see pre season towards end of transfer window.

Hernandez FWD 6.0 fairly well documented that would prefer a move, I don’t think he will move unless it suits the club and the player himself has said all the right things publicly so if he is a the club I don’t think it will be an issue Time will tell on this one. But he is always getting limited minutes and seems more effective as a super sub so not the best for FPL and too expensive for bench fodder.


I have taken a fairly safe approach, especially early on with FPL in mind not all are recommendations, I will be looking and listening out on the preseason games and any changes to the team although not in person at the preseason games from various news and information sources to see the formations and players deployed, to see if there any surprises or anything that may be of use to FPL managers to make better informed choices.

Ssome of the players could be transferred or loaned and that is quite fluid due to the nature of the these things, plus what new recruits come in so follow on twitter and of course @PlanetFPLPod

One final word is that West Ham are the epitome of inconsistency, so it makes it difficult to look at favourable fixtures and form which in a predictions game such as fpl its not what you want I know, what I will say is Pellegrini is trying to change and get that winning mentality and better consistency so don’t write them off as options , also bear in mind the defence is priced the same as the promoted teams so if there improvement would offer real value.