In Defence of Klopp…

06/12/2018 Planet FPL

Six minutes into injury time. One of the closest title races in years, clinging on to one of the great Premier League teams, just, but now it looks like a four point gap is opening up.

Then their keeper palms a shot onto the bar, it bounces down. And a forward who last played for the club when Alan Hansen was there nudges it into the net.

Pandemonium. The gap in the title race is back to two. You’ve beaten your biggest historical rivals. In the 96th minute. By literally achieving the point of the game. The manager runs on the pitch, heads gone. He hugs his own player. He’s lost the plot.


“ooh I’m offended”

“if Jose did that”

Now before I defend Jurgen Klopp for his reaction to the Origi winner let me clarify my thoughts on the German Kevin Keegan in general. I’m a United fan, I can’t stand him. I can’t stand his larger than life, affected zany personality, I can’t stand the way he uses it to mask an aggressive, swaggering and at times nasty personality whilst pretending to be nice as pie. I can’t stand the easy ride he gets despite buying world record goalkeepers and centre backs whilst finishing fourth and winning no trophies. I know for a fact when I go home at Christmas I’ll argue with my dad again about him. He’s my dad’s favourite manager despite being a United fan since the sixties. Mind you my dad hates the Beatles and thought Dwight Yorke was never going to be good enough to be a United player so make of that what you will.

But do I think Klopp should apologise for Sunday? Was I offended or annoyed? Not a chance. I thought it was hilarious, and appropriate and wish it happened more often. Most managers used to celebrate goals, now they either sit there with a face like their Brexit plan has been voted down again or call the goalscorer over with a ten page tactical debrief about how to react to the goal.

And if you happen like me to be United fan and you’re upset by that goal celebration maybe find the video of Alex Ferguson and Brian Kidd on the pitch after Steve Bruce scored a 97th minute winner. Or find the video of the Rio Ferdinand injury time winner against Liverpool and watch the manic celebration of Gary Neville. Was that disgraceful? Or one of the greatest moments ever? If that Klopp celebration annoyed you as a United fan try putting it another way: how good will Mourinho’s celebration be at Anfield if we win there on December 16th with a 95th minute deflected Fellaini winner. Will you find that offensive? Or will we all go absolutely bonkers, kiss the TV, and open another beer amid tweets of “MY MANAGER”?

If what you saw on Sunday annoyed you that much, just think about what you would do in the same situation or when your captain gets four, think of Brian Kidd and Gary Neville and if you’re still annoyed maybe football or indeed any sport isn’t for you.