Leicester Assessed

25/07/2019 Planet FPL


So I sit here in the beautiful sunshine of Ibiza where my house is- I kid you not- 30 seconds from the beautiful beach.

And I wonder what the future has in store for my club..


Big expectations often lead to big disappointments, but perhaps not in this case.

Normally when a club signs a player we hear about it for a long period in the press; rumours, gossip and sometimes official enquiries/ bids.

But not really on this occasion. 

I was so so happy to learn that Leicester City had signed Ayoze Perez. 

A man who I actually have some personal vendetta against (he was the sole reason I lost in my cash league in 17-18’ due to his end of season performances).

But I let this get in my way not! 

A young player, a proven player and an extremely talented player will always be welcome at my football club. 

I was so surprised to hear of this signing but I’m still so happy. 

Signing players with Premier League pedigree is very big for me and I can’t wait to see him wear the badge. 

I expect him to play on the right side of a 4–1-4-1 (will become a 4-1-2-3 when attacking) or maybe even as a number 10 (as so often he has done before).

I write this amongst the uncertainty surrounding Maguire and I think that his transfer to one of the Manchester clubs looks increasingly likely.  

Rodgers may put faith in Soyonku (impressed in training) or Benkovic (impressed on loan at Celtic) or he could even dip into the market. Tarkowski or even Dunk would be plausible targets here. 


I expect us to play lovely attractive attacking football this year so essentially there’s going to be a lot of points in attack. 

But picking out the right one or two is the issue here. 

Vardy and Perez would be my picks but personally I’m struggling to fit Vardy into my team, Perez rarely starts the season off well and I wouldn’t recommend having 2 Leicester attackers (at least to begin with).


When Puel was in charge he wasn’t Vardy’s biggest fan and sometimes left him out of the starting XI. However when Rodgers came in he made Vardy central to his plans and this resulted in him becoming a great fantasy asset (something which I jumped onto myself). I expect this to continue so anybody with Vardy in their teams- I will be jealous! 

Tielemans is another outstanding buy and I’m so pleased he has chosen us as a place to continue his development-but I’m not too convinced by his Fpl potential. 

I see him as more of an assister of the assister and was surprised by his returns last season. He over-performed in my opinion so I think that this season will see him return more so to the mean. 

Don’t get me wrong I think that he is a good Fpl asset (for his price) but I’m not overly convinced. 

Maddison is also a good buy but I prefer Perez + a saving of £0.5m.

Rodgers recently stated that he has been brought in for his goal contributions (assists and goals + I expect him to play higher up the field to Maddison over the course of the season).  

Currently I have Zaha in my team within this price bracket but Perez is definitely an option (along with Gross of Brighton). 

Maybe the best thing to do is wait until the first international break before putting in a Leicester midfielder into your side..?

Good luck to the start of your season!