Sheff Utd 19/20 Preview Part 2 – Midfielders, Forwards & Set Pieces

03/08/2019 Planet FPL

Welcome to the 2nd part of a two-part preview of Sheffield United, in this article we will review Sheffield United’s Set Piece Takers, Midfielders and Forwards.

Set Piece Takers

I am now feeling confident that Oliver Norwood is the 1st choice penalty taker, Sharp could get the penalties when he’s on the pitch, but I see Wilder just giving it Norwood and letting him run with it. Norwood is on free kicks since his dead ball delivery is terrific and he created many goals last season. Blades use in swinging corners, so Fleck will take from the right side and Norwood from the left side.

Sheffield United Midfielders and Forwards Depth Chart:


Oliver Norwood – 5M

Oliver Norwood now has 3 straight promotions (Brighton 16/17, Fulham 17/18 and Blades 18/19) from the Championship but still hasn’t played a single Premier League game. Norwood signed for Blades for 2M from Brighton and arguably was the best signing in the Championship last year thank you Sir Chris Wilder. He was the quarterback of our team, hitting 40-yard cross field passes at ease, his confidence on the ball was superb and his experience was vital for the Blades slowing down the play when needed. Norwood scored 3 goals, created 8 assists and was on all free kicks for the Blades last season. Norwood in my opinion is the best 5M midfielder in FPL, yes even better than Mark Noble (sorry Suj). I think he should be on everyone’s watchlist and a great enabler to start the season.

John Fleck – 5M

The feisty Scotsman has been fantastic for the Blades since he joined and a vital part to the Blades promotion team. He played in 45 of the 46 games last year, scored only 2 goals which was disappointing as he should’ve scored more and created 10 assists. He is another great option as a 5M midfielder in FPL, he does play in a more attacking role than Norwood but he isn’t on free kicks or penalties but does take corners from the right side. I would go with Norwood over Fleck since he is on pens and free kicks, but Fleck is one to keep an eye on.

Luke Freeman – 5.5M

Luke Freeman signed for the Blades this summer for a then a transfer record fee, he played for QPR last season in the championship. Freeman has been on the Blades radar for nearly 6 years now back to his Stevenage days, I am a huge admirer of Freeman and was ecstatic when he finally signed him. He scored 7 goals and created 6 assists in a poor QPR team last season and will play in the attacking CM number 10 role for the Blades. He could be a great value at 5.5M and he could take some free kicks around the box. He is another one to keep an eye on.

Callum Robinson – 5.5M

Callum Robinson is the one to get from the Blades midfield, as he will be playing out of position up front for the Blades this season and he could also play in the 10 role instead of Freeman. Wilder did confirm that he sees Robinson as a forward who stretches the game and runs in behind, which is very exciting in FPL, we all love a good out of position player. Robinson signed for the Blades this summer for a transfer record fee in the region of 7M at the time, he played for Preston last season scoring 12 goals and creating 3 assists in just 27 games, as he missed a chunk of time due to injury. Robinson is currently in my FPL squad at 5.5M I am confident he will start the first 3-4 games up front or in the number 10 role. So FPL managesr pay attention get Robinson in your teams now ?

Ravel Morrison – 5M

Errrrrrr I don’t even know where to start, Suj help me out here, yes everyone knows about Ravel Morrison and his journey around the world of football. He signed on a free contract on a one-year deal, he is still only 26 and he has shown flashes of brilliance during preseason. He is just a total wild card and I have no idea how this will turn out but what I do know is in Chris Wilder We Trust. I don’t see him playing much in the first 4 games but just one to watch and keep tabs on.

Ben Osborn – 5M

Ben Osborn signed last week from Nottingham Forest, he is a versatile player he will cover for Enda Stevens at LWB and Wilder also said he will push John Fleck for the CM role. He is only 23 years old and a good young promising player. I don’t see much FPL value since he doesn’t have a starting role.

Mark Duffy – 5.5M

Mark Duffy has put in a transfer request and Wilder confirmed he will be moving to a new club prior to end of the window.

FPL Verdict:

Look no further than Callum Robinson at 5.5M starting out of position up front for the Blades, he has looked strong, pacey and dynamic in preseason, he is in my FPL team if that helps. Norwood would be my second choice at 5M on pens and free kicks defiantly one to consider. John Fleck could make it into a few FPL teams at 5M, but I see Norwood better value at the same price. Ravel Morrison is the wild card if he can live up to his potential and get into the Blades midfield week in week out at 5M he could be an FPL darling but we all know that is a huge IF.


Billy Sharp – 6M

No player has scored more goals in England’s top four leagues in the 21st century than Billy Sharp. Billy Sharp scores goal that all you need to know. Sharp scored 23 goals and created 4 assists last season in 40 appearances. Sharp is now 33 years old, but he is still fit and raring to prove himself and score goals in the Premier League. I am a little concerned with his minutes this season with the Blades bringing in 3 strikers alongside Sharp and McGoldrick. With that said I would stay away from Sharp at 6M in FPL.

David McGoldrick – 5.5M

OOOOOOO David McGoldrick had an amazing campaign last season, he was a trialist last summer and ended up being the Blades player of the season. The Republic of Ireland international has struggled with injures throughout his career, but last season he played 45 games and 3260 minutes, scoring 15 goals and creating 4 assists. When we did the #30in30 Podcast he was my pick for 3rd striker in FPL but with the signings of McBurnie, Robinson and Mousset, I am now drifting away from McGoldrick since it’s a crowded front line. McGoldrick could still be a great asset in FPL as a 5.5M striker, since there really isn’t many strikers under 6M but be cautious at the start of the season.

Lys Mousset – 5M

Another Blades record signing this summer coming from Bournemouth for 9M, a lot of people found this a strange signing and thought we spent too much money. However Mousset really didn’t get a chance at Bournemouth, only playing 1191 minutes in the Premier League and only scored 3 goals. To be fair he was behind Callum Wilson and Josh King who have been outstanding over last few seasons. Mousset is still only 23 years old and all the attributes to be a good forward in the Premier League. It might be a risk for the Blades, but he could be an impact player off the bench. I would stay away from Mousset in FPL at the start of the season, he hasn’t had much of a preseason either.

Oliver McBurnie – TBC

McBurnie our 4th record signing of the summer  signed from Swansea for 17M rising to 20M. The 23-year-old Scottish international had a fantastic season for Swansea scoring 22 goals and 4 assists in 42 games. McBurnie is big strong forward, he is great at holding the ball up and linking play with the midfield, he loves to drop off deep and pickup the ball and he is great in the air. McBurnie is a handful for defenders and caused the Blades a lot of problems in both games last season scoring the winner in both games. A lot of other fans have slagged off this signing, I don’t understand why people love foreign signings with unproven track records but harp on younger British players with good track record in the Championship. Anyway, yes McBurnie is unproven at Premier League level but so are all players who make the move to Premier League. I see McBurnie beING our number 9 and first forward on the team sheet by game week 3-4, I would hold off at the start of the season and maybe look at bringing him in as your 3rd forward in your wildcard.

FPL Verdict:

The Blades forward line is a very crowded place which I thought I would never say. In FPL I would look at McBurnie with your 1st wildcard team as your 3rd striker and I would also keep tabs on McGoldrick at 5.5M. Sharp could have streaks where he starts and scores goals, I mainly see Sharp starting the home games. Mousset is the wild card and who knows what will happen with him. So final verdict is stay away from Blades forwards to start and maybe look