Meet @ismyCAPplaying – Our Man Utd Correspondent

15/07/2018 Planet FPL

What is your Twitter handle?


Who do you support?

Manchester United

Why do you support them?

My dad and uncle supported them and it helped when I was 7 they were the best team and most exciting team in the country

How often do you get to attend matches?

Not as much anymore, one child and one on the way has limited the chances to go every week

Who is your favourite ever player?

Roy Keane, unbelievable intensity, a weird, mystical ability to make everyone around him better just by his presence, and despite his reputation as a hard man he was a wonderful midfielder with a ridiculous range of short incisive passing and the ability to set the tempo of a game. His duels with Vieira will never be beaten in PL history, and his ability to dismiss McCarthy, Fergie and many others in one sentence is another reason he still remains compelling.

What win in your lifetime means the most to you?

Juventus away 1999, Champions League semi-final. 1-1 draw at home and then 2-0 down after ten minutes away to the team who had been in the previous three finals with Zidane, Conte, Inzaghi, Davids on song. From then on it was one-way traffic, United mullered then and Juve were lucky to only lose 3-2. United were in the Champions League final and realistically it can’t get better than that.

Which goal meant the most?

Cantona cup final 1996. Unbelievable finish with 5 mins to go to beat Liverpool in the final. Can still picture my Dad’s reaction, nearly broke his hand on the mantelpiece celebrating

Which team would you most like to beat this season?


Are you happy with your manager?

Meh! If he can’t be happy why should I be. Jose is on the downslope of his career. Doesn’t trust the young attackers we have, makes no effort to come up with an attacking philosophy, seems to be happy with top 4s and Cup runs but has he got the energy and the wit to risk a bit more to win the biggest prizes? No. Roll on Pochettino.

Are you happy with your Board/Chairman?

No. Still relentlessly taking money out of the club, leaving the club in debt as it’s more beneficial for them personally, money is now spent on players but only making up for spending nothing in Ferguson’s reign. Woodward seems to be better in terms of getting players in but the suspicion remains we would rather get a new noodle deal than a player.

Where do you realistically think your club will finish this season?

If Jose stays all season 3rd. More likely to cause a riot, sell Martial and Rashford, be sacked and leave us in 5th

What opposition player do you secretly admire?

No secrets really. FPL and growing older had stopped any weird club biases. Kane, relentless scoring and a good lad. David Silva, magical player.

Is there a youngster at the club who could become a regular in the side this season?

“Lads, it’s Jose”

Who do you think will be your club’s top FPL points scorer this season?

De Gea

Can you tell us about your FPL history?

Two top 40k finishes in consecutive years, weirdly both my highest points score and highest position came before the chips were introduced which baffles me every time I think about it.

What would be a successful FPL finish for you this season?

To beat my highest rank

What formation do you generally favour for FPL?

343, but the last two seasons mean I probably won’t start in that formation next season

What is the biggest lesson you have learned playing FPL?

The popularity and group thinking aspect of the game in recent years means taking a risk on the captain choice is a non-starter on even a semi regular basis

When did you use your chips last season and was it successful?

WC1 week 3

FH week 22

WC2 week 32

BB week 34

TC week 37

No. Used the first WC too early and didn’t change enough to really get the benefit. FH in 22 got me a good score but one I would have got anyway, Bench Boost in 34 brought me 97 points and a great rank but a let down compared to other years. I triple captained Jesus in 37 as he blanked twice at home to Huddersfield and Brighton to cap off a miserable spring.

Anything else we should know about you?

FPL is easier when you have a new born to both distract you from overthinking the game but also giving more time late at night to have a tinker, with a new born on the way in July this season could be my best yet!