Meet @justmihir – Our Chelsea Correspondent

12/07/2018 Planet FPL

What is your Twitter handle?



Who do you support?


Why do you support them?

In the 90s India had limited exposure to the Premier League. My first experience watching English football was when my Aunt (a huge Middlesbrough supporter) took me to watch the Chelsea-Middlesbrough Final in 97 at Wembley. As a 7-year old getting my first dose of English football, I got swooshed off my feet by our Talismanic Italian “ZOLA”. From then I was hooked. The rest as they say is History.

How often do you get to attend matches?

I visit London about once every 5-6 years. That is the only chance I get to watch the boys in person. However, I catch every minute of every Premier League game, Live or recorded. (Make the most of what we get!)

Who is your favourite ever player?

Claude Makélélé. He was so much more than the best defensive midfielder to grace the Bridge. He was our deep-lying playmaker. As a CDM myself, I was naturally drawn to his tackling and intercepting aura. A focal point for our counter attacking style, which has embodied all our teams ever since.

What win in your lifetime means the most to you?

There are so many! But that frustrating 2012 UCL campaign, culminating in that Drogba penalty kick winning us the Champions League at the Allianz Arena.

Which goal meant the most?

The Ramires chip over Valdes from a Frank Lampard through ball

in the second leg against Barcelona at the Camp Nou to put us ahead on away goals.

Which team would you most like to beat this season?

Team Judas Manager – Manchester United under Jose.

Are you happy with your manager?

That is more complicated than string theory itself. Conte is aggressive, passionate and a brilliant tactician. However, he has lost the dressing room and the support of the board. The rumours have now narrowed down to Sarri, but I am not one bit happy with our Managerial situation, although I would like Conte to stay.

Are you happy with your Board/Chairman?

The board is too involved in the transfer decisions. The owner is extremely passionate but not patient. The sans-stability driven system has worked for us but is unlikely to change, so the frustration is often nipped by that thought.

Where do you realistically think your club will finish this season?

5th. This season has an air of implosion about it. Undecided manager, uncertain futures for Hazard and Courtois, owner issues with citizenship – any of which can be a factor. Liverpool have had a good window so far. City look like strengthening their squad further. United have got Lukaku going and Sanchez can only get better this season. Fred will provide them the license to let Pogba loose. Intrinsically worried about this season.

What opposition player do you secretly admire?

Eriksen. One playmaker, I wish we had. He’s great under pressure and has a lovely final ball. He’s mesmerising with the deadball and had a very good World Cup as well.

Is there a youngster at the club who could become a regular in the side this season?

Absolutely!! There are a ton. But Loftus Cheek is the prime candidate. He is ready to deputise for Fabregas this season. Had a brilliant season with Palace and showing that he has the cojones at the World Cup. Special mentions to Abraham, Mount and Odoi.

Who do you think will be your club’s top FPL points scorer this season?


Can you tell us about your FPL history?

Started FPL 7 years ago. Got serious 4 years ago. Efforts started paying off from the 2016-2017 season, where my differential picks saw me finish in the top 14k. Continued the same trend this season reaching 20k.

What would be a successful FPL finish for you this season?

To beat my personal best and finish inside the top 10k.

What formation do you generally favour for FPL?

I prefer 3-5-2 with an enabling striker. It generally depends on whether the player doing well is an expensive striker or midfielder.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned playing FPL?

Risk mitigation. Lost out in GW38 as I didn’t own the template players. (Hit limitation is another thing I will work on this season).

When did you use your chips last season and was it successful?

GW9 – 1st Wildcard

DGW22 – Free Hit

DGW34 – Triple Captain

GW35 – 2nd Wildcard

DGW37 – Bench Boost

All the chips worked out for me apart from TC Sanchez in week 34. Early free hit was successful as I scored 82 against the average of 45.

Anything else we should know about you?

I love stats. Hunches are based on numbers, observation and past experiences. I captained Terry in his last FPL game for a mighty 1 pointer, so KTBFFH.