Mourinho’s not bothered so why should we be?

22/07/2018 Planet FPL

Between 1974 and 1982 ABBA created one of music's finest back catalogues; although often dismissed as cheesy pop they artfully combined joy and sorrow to create one of music's great legacies. This legacy spawned a hit musical and a subsequent film, a film that was a bit much but harmless enough – like when Boris Johnson used to present Have I Got News for you.

That film has now been granted a sequel – definitely too much and most certainly offensive, like Boris Johnson being made foreign secretary and ruining the country with his wild ego. The sequel of Mamma Mia sees a host of big money actors unconvincingly crammed into a film with no real coherent message but one that will still make money for all involved, enhance the brand but cheapen the ABBA legacy.

Manchester United start Jose Mourinho's third pre season with the manager claiming to be worried about the make-up of his quarter of a billion pound squad.

Jose is not usually confused with a ray of sunshine but even by his sullen, stroppy standards he seems particularly downbeat already. Key players going deep into the World Cup hasn't helped and also leaves FPL managers in somewhat of a quandry.

The second best team in the country with a decent start in terms of fixtures should provide us with some assets but at this stage of pre season it seems slim pickings.

The most obvious, and so far most highly owned player is goalkeeper David De Gea. However at his 6.0 price point it's hard to say he's definitely worth the outlay. Last season saw the Spaniard surpass Peter Schmeichel in terms of United goalkeepers in my eyes and his fantasy points were unreal – the 14th best player in the game. However last season was surely an anomaly, De Gea conceded around 14 less goals than most xG metrics suggested he should, made the fourth most saves and kept the most clean sheets. The likelihood is that even if De Gea performs as well again he will regress to the mean, even slightly and score less points, and at six million can we afford that?

The United defence was heavily reliant on de Gea last year, and with uncertainty over which of the centre backs will start ruling all of them out for now (Lindelof would be my hope for mid season investment) we're left to look at full backs. One of the main differences between Guardiola, Klopp and Pochettino's use of full backs and Mourinho's is that the full backs at City, Liverpool and Spurs are not merely encouraged to bomb on but are an essential part of the attacking structure, whereas at United their main aim is defensive. Indeed the most worrying thing about Mourinho's petty jibe about City spending 55 million on Walker was that it had simply never occurred to him what you could do with a full back worth that much. This leaves United with Valencia, Young and Shaw, with new signing Dalot injured and Darmian surely on the verge of being sold. With Ashley Young overpriced and recovering from the World Cup we are down to two possible options.

It would be harsh to say Antonio Valencia's career has gone backwards, more that he has checked inside and gone sideways. At 6.5 million he will struggle to justify the price tag. This leaves us with the slimmer of the summer Luke Shaw, more of whom later.

Of the strikers both Rashford and Lukaku are back late from World Cup semi final runs, Rashford is not a possible investment due to the sporadic nature of his starts while Lukaku is again just not worth the money. The Belgian had a more than decent first season at United but only Diego Costa has scored more than 20 goals in a Mourinho managed Premier League side and our money can be better spent elsewhere.

Midfield looks to be the best place for possible United investment. Paul Pogba has attracted a lot of hype at his 8.0 million price tag, especially given his World Cup exploits. However it is worth remembering that Pogba excelled in Russia by being an old fashioned, genuine central midfield player and the suspicion remains that whilst he is already a fine midfielder, even an in form Pogba will never provide enough GIFable moments for him to be properly appreciated, nor will his ability necessarily translate to FPL hauls.

The three midfielders who are of most interest early in the season are Mata, Sanchez and Martial. Alexis Sanchez was originally denied a visa to join the pre season tour due to a suspended jail sentence and Mourinho has already bemoaned the loss of Sanchez as he needs to work with Mata and Martial on becoming part of the early season front three. Mourinho is probably being slightly disingenuous when he says the three need to work together given the lack of any attacking structure at United but it must be a worry that Sanchez’s arrival on tour was delayed.

As such Juan Mata playing as a front three with Anthony Martial in the middle could be some incredible early season investment. Costing 6.5 and 7.5 and both listed as midfielders, the best way into United assets might be to spend 19 million on Shaw, Mata and Martial and hope they give you a bargain price early season blitz before an early wildcard to obtain the returning World Cup stars. Longer term it is hard to seriously advise buying United players until we see just what the plan is.

So while you ponder the sanity of buying Luke Shaw, remember to not watch Mamma Mia, if you want to see Pierce Brosnan ruin a famous franchise he's in four James Bond films, and do dig out “The Day Before You Came” by Abba.

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