The Hammers run – A stumble to the finish or a drop to the bottom

30/06/2020 Planet FPL

As we approach the finish line or in the Hammers case stumble towards it, I am very nervous, but still hopeful we will stay up, the depressing aspect as to why is that I find myself thinking we are not be the worst team rather than we are better than enough other teams. The first two games have shown we are better organised but the same issues are there with errors rather than other teams moments of brilliance or being clinical enough when a mistake inevitably happens, we’re not showing much in attack so far and do not have a recognised forward in the starting eleven, the team are trying in parts but not enough players are at the level they are capable of let alone need to be. Also we are setting up not to lose, at some stage they will need to come out and get at teams and take some risks, it’s a difficult balancing act but could prove key if we are to survive.

That said we have played Wolves, Spurs and Chelsea on Wednesday, the fate of our season can still be in our hands with remaining games against Newcastle (A) Burnley (H) Norwich (A) Watford (H) Man U (A) Aston Villa ( H) 

So who are the main FPL players to look at for during the run in, any of the picks come with a warning for those that do not know, the Hammers are notorious in recent times for being inconsistent and unpredictable, not the best start for a predications game such as FPL, so any pick comes with the associated risk that the team can let us down.

The only thing I can predict is that a team that plays in claret and blue will get a minimum of 2 points in at least 2 games, sadly this is due to the fact we play Burnley and Villa.

I have reviewed who I think has the potential to offer FPL points, I appreciate that finding a spot may be difficult for most in their teams including my own team as there are some good options amongst far better teams e.g Traore at Wolves at 5.8M.

Fabianski GKP 4.9M

Well known in FPL over the years, still has the tag Flappyhanski, somewhat unfairly and outdated now he keeps us in games with saves of quality and will rack up save points at least, it’s possible for 2 or more CS given some of the lack of quality of some of the teams attacks in general, a decent pick. 


A risk picking up a defender but against less quality the mistakes may go unpunished, Ogbonna has not played since the restart, if he comes in he could be an option, he has 2 goals already and priced at 4.5, Creswell at 4.5m is the other as he has some set pieces and has 3 goals, but has lost any pace and there is always the threat of Masuaku being brought back to offer more in attack especially given the left side is weak with Anderson not performing and not a natural alternative. 


On paper there are many options, but unfortunately few are performing or showing signs of returns

The obvious and better picks are Antonio and Bowen, a cheaper alternative is Fornals at 6.0, Noble is on pens, Soucek or Rice could on their day get attacking returns but predicting when is nigh on impossible. Anderson and Lanzini have been woeful and will have to pull something out from nowhere as things stand in a game to warrant a starting place in the next game.

Antonio – 6.9M

His price is somewhat off putting, played as a forward whilst Haller is out and doing it on his own which is not helping him right now, but can play in a partnership or on either side and offers a real threat, he needs help though and to be less isolated but solid and if fit plays, and is also at risk of rest if he needs it with games every few days 

Bowen 6.4M 

Scored plenty at Hull in the Championship before arriving, he is working hard and puts in a shift proving useful for the team as he can carry the ball out from deep to get further up the pitch and take some pressure off, he hit the post against Spurs and hopefully against weaker teams he can get forward and get a few goals, again if fit I expect him to start most games 

Fornals 6.0M 

He is one I’m considering, is a kind price and if all goes wrong does not take up so much budget, the risks are his minutes as he does not complete many full games and has started on the bench a lot, he is better than people give him credit for. In his favour is that Anderson and Lanzini have been so poor in the first 2 games, he has wasted 2 chances in the 2 games since the restart but the fact he is getting in the positions in the first place is a positive, the issue for him is that he has not established a set position yet, sometimes on the left or in the middle where he probably is better, he has 2 goals and 5 assists this season.


I’m not Moyes biggest fan but not his harshest critic either, he has tried to organise the team and make us more resilient, we don’t look like conceding a glut of goals, but confidence down the bottom is fragile. We are struggling to show any attacking process, some of the responsibility has to be shown by the players too, this has been going on for some time and not just under Moyes. 

I expect that by default from failings or injuries this is probably going to be our 11 for most games Fabianski, Fredericks, Ogbonna, Diop, Cresswell, Soucek, Noble, Rice, Fornals, Bowen, Antonio. Haller would come in though if fit and if Moyes is brave enough Noble would drop out.