The North London hop on hop off

24/11/2018 Planet FPL

As the week fifteen fixture switch looms large one issue we all have is how to fit Kane and  Aubameyang or Lacazette into our teams without losing three Manchester City players, Salah, Hazard and Alonso. Oh and Robertson. And Richarlison. So like the grinch or Michael Barnier dealing with the Tories I’m advising it can’t be done.

Unlike the Tories I have come up with a workable, realistic proposal. Rotate Kane and an Arsenal forward. From gameweek fifteen rotating Kane to an Arsenal forward would give this run of fixtures up until New Years Day.

15. Southampton H
16. Huddersfield H
17. Burnley H
18. Burnley H
19. Bournemouth H
20. Wolves H
21. Fulham H

Given Manchester City are fixture proof and Liverpool have some decent looking home games on the horizon selling their attacking assets seems a false economy.

But we can’t be without Kane for his home games especially given Eriksen and Alli look to be back fit. He also has back to back home games against Southampton and Burnley. Faced with back to back games against those opponents last Christmas he bagged two hat tricks.

Another benefit to flipping between Kane and an Arsenal forward is which one are we picking? Not nailing our colours to the mast on an Arsenal striker could be helpful given it may give us chance to swap between Aubameyang and Lacazette if we get clues from Emery on form, fitness and formation. Despite both being in good form most of the season with 12 league goals between them, Emery has only started both on seven occasions this season. One sure fire way to ruin your Christmas is to sell a Salah or Aguero to fit both Kane and Aubameyang in only for Lacazette to rip it up. At least by flipping back and forth from Kane you can look at switching to either Lacazette or Aubameyang form or rotation dependent.

The downside to this plan might be that over a busy period your squad might struggle with injury and autosubs meaning using your free transfer on this switching may prove problematic, but given the captaincy potential it might be worth it even at the expense of having ten players or a few ones and twos coming on as autosub. Anyone pondering this issue should also note Kane is at home GW 19 and 20 so you wouldn’t need a transfer that week to continue this rotation.

The away games in the run are as follows.

15. Manchester United
16. Leicester
17. Southampton
18. Everton
19. Brighton
20. Liverpool
21. Cardiff

A mixed bag at best and whilst Kane, Aubameyang and Lacazette are capable of scoring big on any of those away days on current form none of those fixtures are better than the home rotation.

So save some money this Christmas and don’t buy both Kane and an Arsenal forward just rotate them.

*disclaimer – the author of this article will not take responsibility for any ruined Christmas periods as a result of this plan but will send a bottle of beer or wine to any victims.